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Summer Swim

APEX Aquatic Club

Our Mission

APACC strives to bring out the utmost potential of swimmers of all ages and groups by providing individualized care and programs through consistent clinical evaluation within a safe, positive, fun, and engaging environment.

Our Vision

APACC is dedicated to helping swimmers unleash their potential and to help our swimmers achieve their peak performance level through the overall sports-care system.

We strive to provide suitable care for individuals through our own swim clinic program, video analysis, individualized and sports-specific dryland programs, nutritional consultations, physical assessments, primary and secondary prevention strategies, and pre- and post-injury programs.

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Swim school

Summer Specials

(Summer Session Only)

Family Swim

Be a pair of family members to learn competitive swimming skills together

(*Older aged swimmer must be able to swim multiple laps!: two swimmers are a pair)

Summer 50

For swimmers aged 12 and under swimmers who are staring to learn competitive swimming for the the upcoming season

Summer 80

For swimmers aged 10 and over looking to practice the competitive training for the upcoming season.

Family in Pool
Swim Stroke

Mini Stroke Mechanics

(A sessional program is available)

Age Stroke Performance

(A sessional program is available)


Age of 5-12,

45min practice,

Learn and correct how to swim competitively


Age of 8-14,

60min practice,

Learn competitive swimming and in-water techniques 

Age of 10 and above,

75min practice

Modified all the basic swimming techniques to be a competitive swimmer

Age of 10 and above,

90min practice

Develop their forms of qualifying strokes and train the competitive workout

Girls Swimming Underwater_edited.jpg
Team Pre


(9month and 11 month program)

Age of 8 and under,

x2/wk practices,

Improve all 4 competitive stroke techniques to improve 

Age of 12 and under,

x3/wk practices,

Train to develop all 4 strokes and techniques by improving cardio strength

Age of 8 - 12,

x4/wk practices,

Reconstruct IM and IM techniques and practice intensive training sets

Age of 13 and above,

x4/wk practices,

must be able to compete all sprints to long-distance events

Screen Shot 2023-04-22 at 8.50_edited.jpg
adam-cai-uEBh5WlM1F4-unsplash (1).jpg
Swim Team


Age of 9 and above,

x5/wk practices, swimmers who look forward the PVS Championship qualifying times

Age of 14 and above,

x6/wk practices,

Required the A and Above cuts

Age of 1 and above,

x6/wk practices and more,

Required the sectional and above qualifiers 

Age of 15 and above,

x6/wk practices and more,

Required above than sectional qualifiers

(11 month program)

Screen Shot 2023-04-22 at 8.48.16 PM.png
Adut Swim & Masters


Enjoy your practice

Getting in shape and improve skills

  • Private or Semi-Private Lesson

  • Small Group Lesson

  • Learn-To-Swim Program

  • Lap Swim



Require to register U.S Masters

18 & over competitive program that practice and participate in a swim meet

Dulles South.png

Dulles South:

24950 Riding Center Dr, South Riding, VA 20152

Claude Moore.png

Claude Moore:

46105 Loudoun Park Ln, Sterling, VA 20164

Indoor Swimming Pool


Coming Soon


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