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Located in Loudoun County, Apex Athletic Club provides a variety of facilities for every kind of athlete in multi-locations. We offer climate-controlled indoor sports and fitness facilities, as well as outdoor options for year-round use. Stop by for a free visit to see our first-class facilities and meet our friendly, professional staff. 



Swim School

Also called the "Learn-To-Swim" Program. Aged 5 to adults can learn how to swim properly

Swim Stroke Clinic

Required swimming 25 yards without any assistance and stopping

Swim Team Prep

Supposed to be able to swim all 4 qualifying strokes  

Swim Team

Practice 5 times and more and monthly meets, including travel meets

Adult Swim

18 and Over, 

From Learn-To-Swim, Small group, Private Lesson, Lap Swim, and Master Team

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Wellness Club

APEX Fitness

Fitness studio for individuals for wellness and also sports-specific training 

APEX Clinic

It is a wellness clinic that provides various treatment programs to enhance for health life. 

APEX Esthetics

The master estheticians serve professional facial treatment that recovers, shines, and cleans the surface of the face.

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